It all started with:

Dune - Arguably the best science fiction novel ever written!

Now, there are sequels, movies, games, posters, t-Shirts, Memorabilia and more! (Heaps of Dune stuff!)


The Battle For Arrakis

I don't like to give any of the story away when reviewing a book. I feel that it's always better to go into a book (or movie) not knowing what's going to happen... it allows the writer's ideas and purpose behind the book (or movie) to hit you the way the writer intended. What I will say is that there are several power struggles that come together around one planet, Arrakis, the only place where a valuable spice is found. If you haven't read it you must! It is true science fiction at its finest and I believe it has something to appeal to every individual. The characters are written more than convincingly and relationships between them are truly intriguing. It is a serious must have for anyone with even a slight interest in Sci Fi, and still a great read for those who don't.

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Dune (Audio - Read By Frank Herbert)

Dune Messiah (HardCover)

Children of Dune (HardCover)

God Emperor of Dune (HardCover)

ChapterHouse Dune (HardCover)

There are five sequels by Frank Herbert that follow Dune:







Children of


God Emperor
of Dune


Heretics of


Chapter House


Dune Games

It's great to have some games that have developed around a story, rather than (as with too many games) having the game made and then a plot or storyline added on as an afterthought.


And What about the Movie?

In 1984, Dune was released as a movie which people either loved or hated... there are those who believe that the movie does not do justice to the book, those who believe that the movie is good given the limitations that movies have opposed to books (with books you're induced into imagining what things are like for yourself, in movies, someone else's imagination is 'forced' upon you), and those who love the movie. Really, it is up to the individual to decide... perhaps the movie doesn't match what you imagined when reading the book, but so what - it's just another interpretation. Get it and decide for yourself! There's also the 2000 mini series and Children of Dune...

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